Are aquarians and tauruss compatible


Growing and building a fulfilling friendship or intimate relationship between a Taurus woman and a Aquarius man will demand a willingness to change from both ends — something hard to come by in two of the more uncompromising zodiac signs. Compatibility is not completely impossible though.

Discover the pitfalls and promising features of this pairing by reading below. The Taurus woman may occasionally be shy, but she knows what she wants and will always seek it out directly. She is softhearted and kind, only revealing an inner warrior when those she loves are threatened.

The Taurus woman quashes her own insecurities just as she does those of others, by maintaining a reliable and predictable nature. From head to toe, this woman is extremely physical, enjoying hard work, passionate sex, and physical displays of love and affection above all else.

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She can be very opinionated and will not budge on an issue once she has her mind made up. While staunchly defending those she cares about, she can easily slide into negative extremes such as possessiveness and overprotectiveness. The bull always works hard, but makes sure to leave time for rest and relaxation. Often seen as hedonists, Taurus women are captivated by lavish and luxurious lifestyles that their dedication to working hard allows them to afford. The Aquarius man is almost entirely opposed to the bull, inviting challenge in even the most basic areas.

He is a mentally orientated sign, delighting in endless conversation and mental stimulation.

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The water-bearer not only loathes repetitive and boring situations, but he actively flees from them and those who partake in them. For the predictable and routine-prone Taurus woman, this is a major incompatibility. He is independent and can be emotionally distant, another deal breaker for a sign that thrives in a physical and emotionally connected relationship. On the plus side, the Aquarius man loves helping people and is a huge humanitarian.

With natural charm and a high level of friendliness, the water-bearer both impresses and entertains all he comes in contact with. Get a personal astrology reading to learn more. The Taurus woman is friendly, but rather introverted and shy. When she forms a friendship, it is no small matter, but a true bond that will resist everything.

If anyone she cares about is in need, everything else is put on hold until the situation is remedied. She is selfless and devoted to the point she is cherished by all. Aquarius men are social butterflies and easily make friends with any and all they come across. Their love for independence drives them to respect it in others, no questions asked. His friend circle constantly changes, as boredom and his lack of commitment are put on full display. Intimacy is a major point of struggle for Aquarius men paired with Taurus women.

While both are sexual beings, what makes them feel loved, appreciated, and turned on are on different ends of the spectrum. The bull demands romance and physicality, while the water-bearer needs mental and conversational stimulation to provoke his interest. Outside of the bedroom, the problems only increase, as Taurus women want their partners to themselves, at home, and enjoying hedonistic pursuits. Aquarius men prefer to be out and about, flee from clingy attachment, and get bored simply relaxing at home. A relationship is far from impossible, but the extra effort will need to go into finding ways to smooth over the array of differences.

Communication will be paramount to preventing growing resentment over neglected needs. Hard work, and the rewards of it, is highly valued by the Taurus woman, so you will never see her slacking off. Aquarius men can also be counted on to put decent effort into the task at hand, provided they can exercise their strengths or fulfill their interests with it. Both signs take a nonsense-free approach to the workplace and avoid embroiling themselves in drama or confrontations. Taurus women also make great leaders, despite the rigidness of only accepting things done her way.

Expect no disputes or problems between this pair who are flexible enough to excel in nearly any situation. The bull and the water-bearer will not have it easy, but both signs have a lot to offer each other in any relationship.

Taurus ♉ And Aquarius ♒ Compatibility and Love Match

The inherent stubbornness can prove to be quite the challenge when attempting to forge routines which keep everyone happy. Effective communication and focusing less on drawing lines in the sand in reference to desires can ward off catastrophe. In addition to not being a homebody like her Cancer child, an Aquarius mom is emotionally reserved and will have to step out of herself to give her child the reassuring, touchy-feely attention and encouragement on which a Cancer child thrives.

A Leo child, like his Aquarius mom, enjoys mingling with both old and new friends. However, while mom is cool and low key, he's passionate, dramatic and wants to be the center of attention especially mom's. An Aquarius mom is a bit distant and impersonal, whereas her Leo child needs mom to be warm and personal. He will feel neglected and act out or show off in a big way to get her attention if she does not give him the personal praise and encouragement on which he thrives. However, if mom will stretch a bit and shower him with love, cuddles, open praise and admiration, all his acting out and showing off can be prevented.

A Virgo child wants to know what to expect and thrives in a stable, orderly environment, one with rules and routines.

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

An Aquarius mom couldn't care less about her child having an orderly life; she's more about exposing her kids to interesting experiences and new ways of thinking. Mom is also prone to creating a certain amount of chaos just to keep life interesting and mentally stimulating, but chaos leads to worry and anxiety in a Virgo child. Though consistent routines may not feel comfortable for an Aquarius mom, these are the best way for mom to keep her Virgo child calm, grounded and centered.

An Aquarian mom and her Libra child are gregarious, outgoing and enjoy being around people. However, mom likes to work with large groups of like-minded people, while her Libra child is a friendly smiling child who enjoys laughing and talking to everyone she meets on a one-to-one basis. Mom might prefer if her Libra child made decisions for himself, but he has a hard time making decisions and sticking to them.

An Aquarius mom and a Libra child are both verbal, objective, and rational, however, so mom will be able to help by discussing his need to be decisive.

Taurus Compatibility

A Scorpio child is strong-willed, super secretive, extremely sensitive, and an introvert. She might seem as cool and collected on the outside as her Aquarius mom, but on the inside, she's a powerhouse of extreme emotions and needs time alone to process them. An Aquarius mom couldn't be more different from her Scorpio child.

Mom will have to appreciate and understand these differences, talk to her sensitive child about what she's feeling and give her the close emotional connection and open expression of love and affection she needs to feel secure in mom's love. A Sagittarius child is a carefree independent child who has a basic need to learn everything he can and will thrive in the care of his Aquarius mom. He's a child that's completely independent and unobtrusive. His open mind is comparable to his mom's and will be expanded by her unique and sometimes eccentric ideas and friends.

An Aquarius mom is lucky to have a Sagittarian child because she doesn't have to modify her innate nature for him to grow and develop naturally and freely.

Aquarius Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

A Capricorn child is reserved, quiet and traditional. An Aquarius mom is futuristic and talkative. Once past toddlerhood, a Capricorn child is like a mini-adult: she's responsible, wants to and can take care of herself, solves problems on her own, and doesn't like mom prying or interfering.

As different as an Aquarius mom and her Capricorn child are, every mothering trait an Aquarius mom has is just what her Capricorn child needs. All mom needs do is to let her Capricorn child know that she loves her and is always available to help or give advice. Like his Aquarius mom, an Aquarius child is naturally independent and needs plenty of freedom to explore his innovative and imaginative ideas and unusual friends. Plus, she's the perfect mom to let an Aquarius child push the boundaries of what's considered conventional.

She may even encourage it by exposing him to all kinds of unconventional people, places, and ideas. Mother and child are likely to have some interesting, unique discussions, but best of all, mom will love watching her Aquarius child develop into a brilliant, original, and universal thinker.