February 22 aquarius astrology

February 22 individuals have a deep appreciation for friendship. Not as confident as they seem, they value those who tell the truth and lend emotional support. However, they may be less discriminating in their.

It's not impossible for them to find happiness, but they must come to terms with reality. The significance of family life is hardwired into the psyche of people born on this date, and they are likely to spend their life living up to the example set for them -- or living it down. Yet it's not always possible for them to raise their children differently, since they may be unable to repudiate their upbringing. Though not particularly robust, people born on this date have a high energy level.

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Escapism is a part of life, but it is important they channel this in a life-affirming direction. Cleansing their bodies of toxins and preservatives will boost their stamina and lower the risk of depression. Despite grandiose dreams in youth, February 22 people soon come to realize that the "rat race" is not for them.

Honest work suits them, but they are more devoted to spare time. One mistake they can make is to live in a way that pleases others rather than themselves. More than anything, February 22 people want to be allowed to live life in a way they find pleasing.

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This can be terribly confusing for those close to them and they need to learn the importance of commitment and honesty in a fulfilling relationship. Once they do learn to place a value on emotional honesty, they make endlessly fascinating and exciting lovers.

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  • It is likely that people born on this day will neglect their health, especially when they are passionately engaged in their current hobby or interest. It is vital for them to make sure they eat regular meals and snacks, leaving no more than three hours between eating to keep their energy levels high and to give a regular supply of glucose to their constantly hungry brain.

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    They might also benefit from a vitamin and mineral supplement. As far as exercise is concerned, vigorous or competitive—preferably social—sports are recommended.

    go to link Reading, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the colors pink or green will encourage them to be more nurturing and less detached. People born on this day thrive in careers that give them plenty of variety and utilize their problem-solving skills.

    They make great accountants, secret agents, detectives, scientists, and politicians.


    Their good communication skills also suggest success as a writer or journalist, or as a musician or actor. The side of them that is interested in the bigger picture may attract them to the clergy, the caring professions, alternative healing, social reform, or the world of medicine. The life path of people born on this day is to understand that diversity and problem solving are their gifts.

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    Once they have been able to accept themselves as they are, their destiny is to help and heal others. February 22 Zodiac: Pisces February 22 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the investigator Your greatest challenge is: to be less self-critical The way forward is: to understand that perfection is an impossible ideal; our failures sometimes propel us toward success and our vulnerabilities bring others closer to us. February 22 Love Horoscope: January 21 to February 19 You share a passion for the mystery of love, and this creates a stimulating and intense union.

    February 22 Zodiac Luck maker: Get a kick out of being you Only when you are comfortable with yourself can you be confident with your skills and talents, and deal positively with negative criticism. On The Dark Size Detached, over-critical, pessimistic At your best Dynamic, problem solving, articulate February 22 Zodiac Love: Falling in and out of love People born on February 22 Zodiac tend to be a bit fickle when it comes to close personal relationships, blowing hot one day and cold the next.